Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mobile Tracking Software

Technology is one of the best thing in all of our life. It made our life better and more interesting. You can now do anything with technology. One of the most important thing in this field is tracking a mobile phone. In movies etc, professional hackers use to track mobile phones with a lot of big devices but, it is just a drama. Tracking a mobile is not that difficult. It is really very easy task.
Before some months, I didn't know how to track down a mobile phone and also I didn't search that on internet because I thought it is too difficult task but, once when I search for it, I did it.
There are a lot of web tools that lets you track down mobile phone of either yours or your friends. If you are using an iOS device, then you will never lose your device because a great application 'Find my iPhone' lets you find your lost iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for free and faster. You can get this application here. Also the latest version of 'Find my iPhone' lets you find you your stolen or lost Mac.

But, if you don't want to use this application on your iOS device or if you want to track your mobile phone or friends mobile phone from another platform then, here is a solution.
Google has provided a facility to users to track their friends locations using Google Latitude. There are many other web tools on internet like NavXS and BuddyWay but, these tools won't let you track mobile phones without any GPS in these devices. To use this tool with your device, your device must have GPS enabled. The best thing in Google Latitude is that it doesn't required a GPS. Google Latitude just requires a mobile phone that can support Google Maps. If your device can use Google Maps and don't have GPS, then Google won't disappoint you. You can still track your friends with this service. Google said that users of Android mobile phones, iOS devices, Blackberry devices, Symbian, and Windows Phone 5.0+ can use Google Latitude easily.

If you have lost your mobile phone in public place and want to check where it is, just open Google Latitude and find it out. Or if you want to check that John is still at office or not then, you can just open Google Latitude and check it. You can trace location of all your friends.
If you are wondering that how Google Latitude will track your friends then, it is easy. First of all, open this application on your device and select all your contacts. Also you can select contacts from GMail. So, you can not only say this application as find my  mobile phone or track a mobile phone but, you can also call it as 'Friends Tracker'.

And if you have lost your own mobile phone then, don't worry. Whenever you use your mobile phone with Google Latitude, it will store everything about your device and once you have lost your mobile phone, just open Google Latitude online and look for your mobile phone fast and easily.

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