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Cassidy - R.A.I.D (Meek Mill diss)

R.A.I.D. (Meek Mill Diss)


Cassidy fires back at Meek Mill with this 10-minute tear over various beats. "R.A.I.D." stands for "Robert Ass Is Dead." Could this unforgiving track be the end of the beef?

You been on my dick
You should’ve took your own fucking advice
You know you not fucking with me
I used to help you write your raps
Give you tips on how to get better
I use to tutor you - now you wanna disrespect your teacher?
Well you got a problem on your hands that you can’t deal with

Ayo, you ain't got nothin’ on me
They couldn't wait for me to diss you in a song
‘Cause you was fucking corny
‘Member when you use to run up on me like
“Cass, please listen to my song?”
You used to play the shit like “this a hit, Cass”
I was thinkin’ “man, that shit trash, why you lay this shit?”
You said Cosmic Kev gave you shit
‘Cause he ain’t never play your shit
If you ain't mean it, why you say this shit?
Now your song gettin’ played every day and shit
So you gassed up, but I’ll still eat your ass up
You turned into a fag to get your cash up
But, I’d rather be broke than get my ass fucked
I started off with 50 cent, I ain't lying
But I’mma get rich or die tryin’ like a half buck
Yo, my bars so raw it could get bagged up
But yours got mad cut and not the type that scab up
Yup, this what I’mma do to you
Kill you in a battle, then Wale can say a poem at your funeral (damn)
‘Cause you wasn't getting bread then
Now you tryin’ to ride out but you comin’ down a dead end
You was a fucking bum -
you couldn't even get your braids fuckin’ done
It looked like you was growin’ dreads in
And we know, I turned to Christ like Tebow
But in jail was the only time I hung around a CO
I'm the illest emcee, yo
Why you wanna try me? Man, I'm the S.H.I.T.
You niggas shook up like Ali
I spit cook up - you don't wanna be hooked up to a IV
You a rabbit, eat a whole bowl full of dog shit
Then drink a cup full of hog spit before you try me
R.I.P. see the mortician, boy
I ain’t doin’ no more tweeting, get your door kicked in
Come on, you be drawn, nigga I ain’t bullshittin’
How you go on Twitter tweeting that the boy snitchin’?
Listen, you better off tryin’ to make a verse
‘Cause the shit that you tweet just only gon' make it worse
You a dry snitch tryin’ to say that I snitched
Bitch, I never opened my lips, where the paper work?
You was in Pit goin’ to court with a PD
No commissary, couldn't even make a Chi-Chi
When I was locked up, I was on TV
Soon as dudes turned on the news they would see me
So yeah they put me on PC, I’m not debatin’
For the first month did the final seven on population
I hate talkin’ bout the past
But wild shit be comin’ out your mouth
‘Cause you talkin’ out your ass
But watch how you talk when you talkin’ bout Cass
‘Cause I'm seriously offended, don't get your career ended
You finished - your whole carrier is a gimmick
You must have lost your damn mind screamin’ all the damn time
You can't rhyme and if it wasn't for Charlie Mack
You wouldn't even have a house to have a house party at
You could hardly rap, all you do is make party tracks
Niggas know Meek sound so weak on a slow beat
You blew up fast but now you got a slow leak
All you gon' hear about is how Cass aired you out
Who cares about how you supposed to be rich?
Or how you “ridin’ in your Ghost, Rollie on your wrist”
Bitch - you really hype but you ain't even reppin’ Philly right
You not a Big Willie just ‘cause you know how to wheelie bikes
Right - it's like I was sixteen’d on it
You cockroach, I'm the dopest nigga you seen on it
Don't make me put you on the Summer Jam screen
In them dirty ass jeans and the sneakers with the wings on it
Your first album and that compilation flopped
‘Cause you tell a lot of lies and you exaggerate a lot
Stop saying you was making guap hustlin’ ‘cause you wasn't
You never had keys like a combination lock
That ice moist tonight in that imitation watch
So why you always rappin’ about how much cake you got?
You a son of bitch, try and imitate your Pop
And you never was a thug, why you imitatin’ Pac?
You was wrong for doin’ that song ‘Tupac Back’
I seen the video like “where the fuck is Tupac at?”
Then saw your boss, like “nah, Tupac not fat”
I had Philly on lock before Tupac got clapped
You know me, a OG in the game
On point like Derrick Rose before he hurt his knee in the game
For ten years I've been the dopest emcee in the game
How you expect to keep respect long as me in the game?
See your name was Meek Millz, and now it’s Meek Mill
You couldn't even keep the fuckin’ Z in your name
You the biggest pussy in the game, I got you cats shook
“Cassidy losing to Meek?” Now how does that look?
Why you drop that song Repo? That was a wack look
The streets know them people need to repo your rap book
I'm back, look, this what I prayed for
You dug your own grave, boy, that's what I made this song ‘Raid’ for
And Meek, how you gon' wage war
when the GDs made MMG shut down they paid tour?
You getting’ paid, I got paid more, way more
I just get it and spend it, I should’ve saved more
I singed deal when you was in the sixth grade, boy
You got some nice whips but none of them shits is paid for
Man, you leased it, don't keep it a damn secret
You could front for a couple of months but you can't keep it
And everybody notice you niggas is fuckin’ bogus
You might as well preorder your Rest In Peace posters
You niggas ‘bout to go night-night - buenos noches
Fuck 'em all (I bury those cockroaches!)
This ain't about who the richest and who the brokest
This is about who the dopest, and nigga, focus
You moved from Philly -
You only in the city ‘cause in LA Big U signed your eviction notice
You jokers better keep your mouths closed
I was a household name before you was comin’ out your household
I roll with a bunch of goons so I'm extra safe
But I still gotta keep the weapon on me just in case
No, I don't wanna catch a case,
but I never keep the safety on my weapon
I ain't tryin’ to keep my weapon safe
You extra fake show some respect
‘Cause I was there when all you used to wear was dirty-ass V-necks
You spit a bunch of BS, you don't want it with me
I get fuckin’ busy, ain’t nobody fuckin’ with me
Under-dig-me? I've been gritty all my damn life
Damn right, you might could flow but you can't write
You not tryin’ to go to jail or lose your damn life
If we start beefin’, so let’s keep it on the damn mic
Fuck all the damn hype, this about bars
It's not about Rollies, it's not about cars
It's not about YSL or Audemars
You jumped off my dick to dick-ride Ross (pause)
Keep your eyes on the sparrow, Meek
‘Cause ridin’ other niggas dicks is not a good way to travel, Meek
So get off, yeah, you tried to get your shit off
But your shit soft, you gon' get your head ripped off
And all the frontin’ that you doin’ got me pissed off
Nothin’ that you write true, that's why I don't like you
I don't know who hyped, all your bars recycled
Fuck who got opinions, you know you not winnin’
I've been hot from the beginning
Son you got problems when they tired of your style after one album
I'm not finished, you the dude I’mma chew up
You my son, one of my sperm cells that grew up
Yup, I brought you in this world and I could take you out
Then let your btich and my dick start makin’ out
You already know every radio station
‘Bout to have this shit bumpin’ like a nigga that’s breakin’ out
Look, you could put my raps in a crack vial
That style you got not yours, that's Peedi Crakk’s style
And that’s foul, I told you to switch you rap style
A while back, let him get his style back
You not a loud pack, you a black mile, you just rap loud
And you all wack ‘cause you rap with another cat’s style
I ain’t feelin’ Robert or Meek Williams
I’mma kill him, and I could care less if he catch feelings
The meek shall inherit the Earth
Well that's exactly what Meek gon' inherit when he buried in dirt
Meek, you never should of spit that verse
I ain't Loaded Lux, but you know what’s up
‘Bout to get that work, yeah
Get that doctor, get that nurse
In a hospital bed you gon' get that first
Yeah, get that casket, get that hearse
Get that pastor, get that church
Your carrier dead - yeah
And you can keep sleepin’ on me
but I'm ‘bout to blow up like an air bed
You air head - I keep it gutter, nigga - word to mother, nigga
You signed to a nigga that’s signed to another nigga
With a 360 deal so that mean anytime you get money
you split money with other niggas
You break bread, your homies’ll say “I love you, nigga”
But they not supporting you, they extorting you
When you was broke all them niggas was not around
But now look at all the niggas you got around
Yeah, you poppin’ now, but if you stop gettin’ chiseled
All them niggas with you gon' start to get forgetful
I've been through it before, I'm not gon' bullshit you
It's official, same shit different toilet tissue
It’s like they might shoot they pistol
But if somebody get shot then the cops gon’ come and get you
That's your case, they only know your face
And you cant afford it, nigga, even if your dough straight
It's a slow wait, plus you on probabtion
And being caged in is a fucked up situation
I’m tryin’ to school you ‘cause you my kid
And I'm concerned,
you gotta learn from the dumb shit that you done did
But you always been a stupid kid
You got a little brain even though your head stupid big
And you might be gettin’ up in some puss
“But what, you think you getting’ girls now ‘cause of your looks?”
What? You look like an animal in the face
You remind me of that monkey on Planet of the Apes
Wait - I see panic in your face
I know I'm scarin’ you - this the cockroach burial
I’m too hot and got too much material
But you annoyin’, I'm getting’ tired of hearin’ you
You so pussy you’ll probably get a venereal disease
Meek I’m your father, out of your league
You know your whole team weak
And you was mad Kendrick Lamar sold more than your ass
Nigga, I seen the tweet
My nigga Jag made you have your worst nightmare
Larsiny fam’ right here and we don't fight fair
And we ain’t like y’all squad ‘cause we all ride
Meek, you be lookin’ all nervous with the frog eyes
And Ruff Ryders gon' ride with me too
So Robert’s ass is dead and ain’t shit you could do (nothin’)
Plus the rest of your niggas could get it too
I get at them right after I get at you (yeah, I said it)
The rest of your niggas could get it too
I get at them right after I get at you

Top 10 Inspiring Jay-Z Quotes

Below is a list of 10 inspiring Jay-Z quotes. It was hard to whittle it down to just ten as there are so many and these are in no particular order.
It’s a new year and as I often do I look for motivation in songs. So I was trying to think up some inspiring Jay-Z songs when this post came about.
Check out the List of Inspiring Jay-Z quotes after the jump.

Top 10 Inspiring Jay-Z Quotes

1. “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business… man.”- Diamonds from Sierra Leone Remix.
How could you not like this line. Jay-Z highlights the fact that he is a walking business. His carefully crafted name, brand and image makes money and thats just by being himself.
2. “One million, two million, three million, four, In just five years, forty million more, you are now lookin at the forty million boy, I’m rapin Def Jam ’til I’m the hundred million man” – You Don’t Know.
Jay counts up his short rise to success with this line and his ambition to keep going til he reaches 100million. Needless to say he hit his target. Moral – Set targets and keep striving for more .

3. “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.”
 – Can I Live.

From Jay-Z’s first album “Reasonable Doubt”. This line shows Jigga’s ambition to live life to the fullest even at the risk of death. Moral – Don’t sit back and let life fly by. Take massive action with all your effort.

4. “I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell, I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well”
 – You Don’t know.

So many quotables in this one song. Highlights Jay’s self confidence and hustler mentality. Moral – Have self belief.

5. “Everything evens up, you just wait, Even a garbage can gets a steak, You ain’t even a garbage can, you have faith!”
 – Guns & Roses.

From Blueprint 2 with Lenny Kravitz. Everyone gets a break once in a while and you are far from garbage as you have faith.
6. “I will not lose, for even in defeat, there’s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me.” – Blueprint 2.
Moral – Learn from your mistakes and never give up.
7. “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with the aim, just gotta change the target.” – American Dreamin’.
Jay-Z started out as a drug dealer and was aiming for success at selling drugs. This line highlights his realisation that he needs another target like music.
8. “Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself.” – A Dream.
Moral – You make the the decisions which dictate your life. You’re responsible for your own success.
9. “I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not trying” – Beach Chair.
Moral – It’s better to try and fail than not to try at all.
10. “I believe excellence is being able to perform at a high level over and over” – Oprah Masterclass Documentary.
Not a lyric but a quote from an interview with Oprah. Jay-Z has realised that consistency is key to success and you have to give it all every time.
This is my list of inspiring Jay-Z quotes. In the process of writing this post I thought of so many other quotes and was chopping and changing the list constantly.
Of course please drop your favourite inspirational Jay-Z quote in the comments and let me know what you think. Will start writing more list posts soon.

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Meek Mill - Repo (Cassidy diss)

Listen and download...


We gon' knock this right out
We gon' skate to one song…
And one song only, nigga

Fuckin' ‘Condom Style’? Get your jig on?
You a clown-ass nigga, put a wig on
Nigga I be goin’ HAM ‘til the pig gone
All this ice around my neck, I got a fridge on
Body Cass, put him in a body bag
Broke nigga, we should put you in a body cast
Real nigga, all I know is get a lot of cash
I took you hatin’ niggas’ spots, that’s why you probably mad
My story - all guts, glory
Posted on the corner, Glock 40 tucked on me
20 years on me, me and my army
Feelin' like none of y'all niggas can harm me
I came from the bottom, where they never make it at
With all my jewels on, they ain't never takin' that
It’s rules to the game I ain't never breakin' that
And once you give a statement, nigga, you can never take it back
You lame part of the game, nigga pardon the fame
I got 30 in my clip I can park in your frame
Plus this Rollie on my wrist cost some cars and change
We talkin' bike life, 'bout to put a park in my name
Just to ride on you niggas or slide on you niggas
G550 when we glide on you niggas, like
Collide on you niggas, homicide on you nigga
I never had no rap, had no ties to you niggas, so
Why you suckas hatin' and talkin' 'bout what I'm makin'?
When I be out in Jamaica and ballin' like I'm like a Laker?
There’s givers and there’s takers, these niggas is getting’ faker
And I’m just getting’ richer, I wake up and get my cake up
Black Maserati, chinchillas for profit
Ten killers beside me, all lookin' like ahkis
I remember nights on corners with beef and broccoli
Rice and gravy, now it’s crazy, Phillipe's got me
All gold AP, same watch as Jay-Z
Ballin' like I'm KD
How can niggas play me?
If you ain’t talkin’ money, nigga, fuck you, pay me
Drophead with the top down and the A.C.
On, drawn, fuck is y'all doin'?
I’m a king, you a pawn, lil’ nigga I’m a don
The coke price high, it cost 40 for a jawn
And like 20 for a half, lil’ nigga do the math
And you talkin' 'bout a battle rap
How you gon' handle that?
Hundred grand, pussy nigga?
You ain't got the tab for that
You ain’t got the stash for that
You the one we laughin’ at
‘Cause you ain’t got half of that, they pump you up, asthma attack
Bye clown, calm down, 'fore you make me bomb now
Fuckin’ all these superstars like “who Meek Milly bomb now?”
Went from drivin' Bentleys, to goin’ half on pie pounds
You niggas need to die now
Philly nigga, my town
I heard your car got repo’d
But this is bike life, boy, you just got Deebo'd
Them Twitter niggas fuckin’ with your ego
You in the field, try and to turn to God like Tebow
Naw, that won't work, nigga
That’ll get you merked, nigga
All black Ghost, nigga
Lookin’ like a hearse, nigga
Been a dead man, so I’mma dig you out the earth, nigga
Just to stuff your skeleton right back in the dirt, nigga
What you made this year?
What you worth, nigga?
I dropped Dreams and Nightmares, I made ‘Church’, nigga
I did 'I’mma boss,' youngin’ set the summer off
Now these old niggas mad at me ‘cause they fallin' off
Get your hate on, Cass
And we ain’t talkin’ Larsiny ‘cause they all trash
And your goons ain’t ridin’ with you, they all mad
‘Cause you ain’t never put no food up in Ar-Abs
My dog caught a body for you
Damn, he ain’t eat from it
Now you mad at Swizz cause you can't get a beat from him
Plus my niggas comin’ at you, dog, we gon’ keep comin’
Weirdo Forest Gump nigga, better keep runnin’
DC, nigga - you PC nigga
While you was scared, I was eatin' Chi-Chi’s, nigga
Talkin’ to Tip ‘bout how we gon’ beast these niggas
All I know is “bang bang” like that Chief Keef nigga
Got a matte black Aston, gold rims on it
Bitch lookin’ like it got a pair of Timbs on it
Cashmere sweater, bunch of gems on it
All my guns come with extends on it
Duck or get hit up
Tuck, nigga, you lit up
‘Cause you lookin’ like food, my youngins ready to get up
Call you for a verse and tell you to write some shit up
Boom! High stick up!
Jumpin' all out the pick up

You know you fucked up right?
Aye, aye
The Hustla
You know you fucked up, right?
Man I ain’t doin’ this shit no more with you nutty-ass niggas
I came in the game, I ain't even signed a year, nigga
I got more money than all you hatin’-ass old niggas put together
Y'all niggas ain't do shit
Talkin’ all this Philly shit
Y’all niggas ain’t put no bars in the hood out here, nigga
All my niggas drive foreigns
My niggas, my niggas don’t even rap got better cars than you niggas
Coon copped that 'Rari, you don’t feel sorry for these bitch-ass rappers
You can't come to Philly no more
And not even because of this, you was never comin’ to Philly
You ain’t been here in eight years, you pussy-ass nigga

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DJ Khaled Ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana & Jadakiss – I Did It For My Dawgs [Lyrics Included]


Dj Khaled recruits Rozay, Meek, French Montana and Jada for this new joint off his Kiss The Ring album.
Read the full DJ Khaled “I Did It For My Dawgs” Lyrics after the jump.

DJ Khaled – I Did It For My Dawgs Lyrics

I did it for my dawgs (I did it for my dawgs) x8
Oh Lord!

[Rick Ross]
Hundred in the mula got more diamonds than a jeewler
Top down on the car, might be riding with a shooter
Nigga down to do ya, I aint fucking with a curl bar
Nickle plated ruger have you in a box on Worldstar
Duck nigga, duck nigga, duck nigga, duck nigga
Where I’m from you call the fuck nigga
Pistol in the freezer, spend a kilo on the visa
Courtside sportscenter, I can make you a believer
Everybody going broke, keep it real, you gotta fight it
Hundred kilo’s in the beemer, boy don’t make me get excited
Couple milli on the neck like I’m tryna get indicted
Got a mansion, got a yacht, bad bitch and a tiger
Real niggas, taking over televisions
Dope boys riding in a new set of benzes
Hot boy, Young boy, still on fire
What’s a death sentence cause we all gotta die


[Meek Mill]
Sittin’ on them M’s, mad shit is gettin realer
Got my hood looking like ?
Buying all these foreigns I be in and out the dealer
Just to let my niggas hold on when they rollin, it could kill ‘em
And these suckas, I don’t feel ‘em
I don’t even see ‘em
I’mma die fly, Rest in Peace Aaliyah
Half my dawgs dead, the rest of them is here
If all your jewels fake, how the fuck we gon believe ya
Said I did it for my dawgs, did it for my dawgs
Everybody ridin’ till you sit ‘em in the morgue
Started with a ? now I’m sittin’ in a Porsche
With the shooters right behind me
Shit, you looking at a boss
Rose gold rolie on my wrist, flawless
Hundred bottles send ‘em to the vip, ballin’
Basketball leather in the Benz, Spalding
Ya’ll niggas talking, fuck is yall retarded?


[French Montana]
I did it for my dawgs
Did it for them niggas with a vision like a boss
Did it for them niggas in the kitchen with the salt
Now I’m in that white thing, 500 horses for my niggas in the ?
But got bikes in my hand and a drop head Rolly
Staring at the ceiling when I wake up in the morning
My dawg doing life, try to see him ‘fore he hit the coffin’
Play with my paper, run up in your offices
It’s the ’012 Ice Cube nigga with the Raider hat
A maniac nigga, where the paper at
Highway to life, need a hundred mill exit
50 on the wrist, hundred on the necklace


[Jadakiss - Verse 4]
Yo, watch who you drinking with
Watch who you smoking with
1.7 in my safe when I open it (cash)
If I put 7 in ya face, will I open it
And I know tomorrow aint promised but I hope it is
Love to get acquanted with you
Stay and tear the jail up
Did it for my dawgs so I had to put the bails up
Get them thangs off so I haven’t put the scales up
Treat you like a pit, get ya ears and ya tail cut
Choppas still hot, you can hold it for yourself
Versace, same buckle on the loafers and the belt
Yeh the pills is flying but the smokers is something else
If the spot catch fire, the coke will just really melt
The dough got ‘em bringing in the broads
Obvious the flow got ‘em screaming for the lord
If there’s money on ya head what you think is the reward?
I aint do it for myself, you know who I did it for?

T.I. - Go Get It [Official Video]

From DEDICATION 4: Lil Wayne – No Lie Remix [Lyrics included]

Lil Wayne – No Lie Remix Lyrics

Hey turn the music up
It sound like I’m loud as fuck and the music’s not
I don’t like that

[Verse 1]
I am sippin’ on that lean, don’t bring me no bottles hoe
I make it rain so hard, flowers grow, Hollygrove
Four baby mamas, no baby mama drama
Bad bitch at home sleepin, I go home and sleep behind her, uh
Shout out to my weed man, shout out to my lean man
I’m sittin’ on these muthafuckin’ millions like a beanbag
Fuck you, don’t judge me, drug me then love me
Eat me some pussy when I got the munchies
I’m trippin’, tell Pippen, to beam me up Scottie
Got pounds of that kush watch me go on a diet
That’s no lie, I’m so high, you pussy ass niggas Massengill
I got them yellow xanax, I slipped on a banana peel
Trukfit t-shirt, blunt dipped in syrup
Pass that weed around like some fuckin’ hors d’oeuvres
Man I’m shit faced and your bitch facin’
She high too, fuckin’ right
My number one F-A-N, you know what that mean, Fuck All Night, ugh

Yeah, I’ma let that breathe
Let that breathe

[Verse 2]
Uh, nigga I fucked that bitch that’s with ya
And she send me naked pictures
If I was you I wouldn’t kiss her, you know why?
You know why, yeah, uh, now all my bad bitches say word
You ain’t never jocked no nigga, you ain’t never sweat no nigga
Yeah, you don’t want none of these niggas
Bitch, I ain’t one of these niggas, ho
I be doin’ my own thing, red bone with a tongue-ring
We get home and she go straight for that head, gun range
Fuck your feelings I’m feelin’ me, you want real? That’s real as me
Mask on, trick-or-treat, my sign say “Dick for free”
All my homies ride or die, all my bitches ride or die
I look her pussy eye-to-eye then suck that muthafucka dry

Yes Lord
Yeah and she say “Yes Lord”
Yeah, Dedikation 4, hoe
Scoob in this bitch with me?

Let me know what you think of the Lil Wayne No Lie Remix Lyrics?

Friday, August 10, 2012

DJ Khaled ft. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier – Hip Hop [Lyrics Included]

DJ Khaled ft. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier – Hip Hop. Lyrics included below.
Off DJ Khaled’s Kiss The Ring album. Out August 21st. Premiered by Flex.
Read the full DJ Khaled “Hip Hop” Lyrics ft. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier after the jump.

DJ Khaled – Hip Hop Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
This shit’s special
This shit’s special
DJ Khaled!

[Verse 1: Scarface]
And if I cry two tears for her
That will be the most that I would give to her
She left me stranded in my nightmares
Taking pictures of my memories she right there
Twisting on the blade in my heart, deep
Always on my mind so I can’t sleep
She used to tell me she was all mine
Now the only way I see the broad is online
I’m doing drugs trying to feel you
I’m killing me trying to kill you
I built my whole life around you
I thought I found it all when I found her
Shopping sprees on whatever coast
How’d you really feel, I may never know
And as I ride through these streets
With my hand on my heat, eyes red from the sweets, I..
Realise, some things never change
Once in love and it’s gone you don’t look at it the same man
Fuck love, cause she don’t live here
I’m soaked in blood but I’m still here
Hip Hop heartbreaks, straight-laced, deep bass, 808s plus the mixtapes
Got a nigga feeling like I up and left ya
Get away now you all in the lectures
Being studied by the college’s professors
Now I regret the day I met ya
I’ll be the first one to say it
She ain’t the one you want to play with
I fucked Hip Hop

[Verse 2: Nas]
And if I cry two tears for her
That would be the most that I can give to her
I am Joseph, Darryl, Jason, Dr Dre, O’Shea
And a host of those who passed away
Today I’m Drake, I’m Wayne, 2 Chainz
You say you wanna rap, to this bitch you must commit
Then you’re a slave to your grave, you won’t get out, you cannot quit
She menstruates weekly, her Vibe covers keep you warm
But the Source to her heart is love, word up, right on
You know how girls are, she love when you licking on her World Star
Kissing on her belly, trick on her and onyx
Confused fans think that she illuminates demonic
But she’s the object of my affections, God’s essence, God bless her
She bought me Bentleys, Breitlings, made some friends resent me
For writing about my life, they thought I should have stayed quiet
She took me to places I would have never saw without her
And she took me from my girl powder
I doubt I’ll ever be the same, hallowed be thy name
Give me strength so I don’t do this dame like Orenthal James
Brad warned me while driving this auburn Ferrari
Never follow in her games, I fuck around and I’ll be sorry
But I tried her, used to ride her, for dollars not the fame
She slowed me down and had me guzzling on cups of lean
She’s a middle-aged cougar, showing young’uns the dream
Notice she wasn’t breathing for a second then I screamed
“She’s dead!”, and everybody took it out on Nasty
I was just looking out for my music family
Wasn’t trying to claim her to myself, she’s yours
You can have her she’s a muthafucking whore
I fuck Hip Hop
And if I cry two tears for her
That will be the most that I would give to her

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tracklist: Busta Rhymes – Year Of The Dragon

With a release date of August 21st, Busta Rhymes has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album, Year Of The Dragon. As you can see the album has many well-known features such as - Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Camron, Maino and more. The album will be released via Google Play. 
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