Sunday, March 25, 2012

How do you see yourself!

Everything we do is based on how we see ourselves; when it should be based on how we do not see ourselves, because if you are in Christ it is no longer you who are there living, and if it is no longer you, then you should not be able to see yourself, but see Christ instead who lives in you; and not your abilities, but his abilities should be the measure of what is possible with you. That’s why you can do all things according to how you see Christ in you strengthening you for all things to be possible with you.

Christ is the power of God in you to do all the things that Christ did in his three years of ministry and told us to continue doing. When you are distilled as the simplest expression of what you are, you are the thing that is described as having its source at the throne of God in heaven and the exceeding greatness of it is flowing towards you and I. Paul in Ephesians prays that the eyes of our understanding might be opened to see and acknowledge this; flowing to you from the throne of God. When it comes together in you, it is the power of God, and has a name……Christ the power of God.

The easiest, clearest way to see who you are is when you are distilled. That process separate what you are from what you are not. That is what happens when you die; part of you goes back to the ground…dust to dust, ashes to ashes; and part of you do not. The part of you that is not dust is eternal, and goes back to God where it came from. Believe it or not, for the purpose of knowing who you are, and how to be effective in doing things according to what you really are, you can be distilled without experiencing physical death. That is what resurrection life in Christ is—not just life….but resurrection life, something that happens while you are still alive that would ordinarily happen after you die. The word is called a discerner to distinguish between your thoughts and your intentions, between soul and your spirit, so you can tell the difference between where your humanity ends and your real eternal divine nature begins. By that you can tell the difference between your thoughts and God’s thoughts which though they are different from your thoughts you are suppose to embrace Gods thoughts for your eternal while you still live and act out of those eternal thoughts.

Take a GOD Look

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